I have encountered a lot of guys who have said they refused to put “product” in their beards.  I get responses like “bro, really, I’m not putting anything in my beard.” or “would you like some mascara to go with that beard oil?” My response is simple “try it”.  If you try it and don’t like it, now you know, however 90% of the time they love it, and want more.

Here is a short list of reasons to use beard oil:

  1. When starting your beard, how many of you get tired of the itching and shave it off? I’m sure there are a lot of you.  High quality beard oil will moisturize your beard, as well as the skin underneath, which will help to prevent red irritated skin, and helps to improve/eliminate flaking.  In addition, as your beard continues to grow, the oil continues to keep it flake free, and itch free.
  2. It helps to tame the beast. Since it’s moisturizing, beard oil allows you to gain control of those unruly hairs, and helps them to lay flatter, and straighter.
  3. Beard oil softens your man-of-war ringlets.  Have you ever had someone, a wife, girlfriend, or child say to you “your beard is so scratchy!”  Beard oil my bearded friend, use beard oil.  Not only will it soften your love curls, it also adds a great scent that keeps them close!  Now you can have your beard, and everybody is happy!  Nowadays, I get the giggle, and the “it tickles”, no more, “ouch, that’s scratchy…”
  4. Beard oil gives your beard a nice, well-groomed, classy shine. Your beard will literally glow with magnificence, drawing folks from near and far to admire your suburbs of the chin.  I have literally been sitting at a restaurant, and had a waitress traverse the entire place, past other inferior beards to comment on mine.  Verbatim she said this, “There’s a lot of guys in here who have beards, YOU are doing it right.”  Beard oil, gentlemen, beard oil.

I will end with this, if you’re not using beard oil, you should be.  If you are and you’re not seeing results, you are using inferior quality oil, but that’s another topic.

Until then, grow on my bearded friends, pride yourself on your admiral’s pennant, and take care of yourselves and your beard.  Beard On.

–  The Admiral